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Toronto Hydro

Residential Booklet Series

When it comes to helping people save energy, an editorial approach offers a cost-effective way to increase engagement.

Three editorial-style booklet covers.

We created an ongoing series of 24-page booklets designed to promote programs, services and energy-saving tips in a brand new way.

Photography of a string of yellow LED lights.
Inside of a booklet featuring the types of coupons available. Custom photography from a photoshoot features all the different products shot with decorative flowers. Decorative type is overlaid and and worked into the layout of this image.
Inside of a booklet featuring DIY instructions on different ways to play up LED string lights.
Felt cut-out into a picture of a person using an ipad to control their smart home. Custom design and cut-out felt that was photographed.
Inside of a booklet featuring different offers for coupons. Products are custom photographed along with paper cut outs of leaves. The shadows are drastic, emphasizing the cut-out feel.
Inside of a booklet, featuring an energy-efficient recipe for a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake. Custom photography of the cheesecake as well as ingredients used on a nice counter top, with the text
Photograph: a young boy playing outside with his mother in the summer
Inside spread of a booklet, featuring the different coupons deals available.
Inside of a booklet, featuring an energy-efficient recipe for no-bake power bars.

®A registered trademark of Toronto Hydro used under licence. ‘Toronto Hydro’ means Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited.