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Annual Reports

How do you make data compelling? By developing eye-catching, interactive infographics with an online component.

Bold letters, 'OBSI' reveal an image of a professional woman speaking to a man, with dotted, wavy lines running across the image

“Your superb use of data visualization, the profound accessibility and interactivity and your ability to ‘tell the story’ of OBSI was unparalleled. It is, without question, the finest annual report I have ever seen. Anywhere.”
– Former National Director, Canadian Centre for Elder Law

Cover of the 2015 annual report for Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments.
Inside of a spread from the 2015 report. Numbers are in large serifs to show statistics in a serious manner. Text runs across 3 columns.
Statistics were often either shown in large numbers or with coloured bars.
Some infographics were more complex and graphic, like this one, featuring a line association graph that forms a circle.

“Each year, the report gets better, with fresh information and stats I did not know I was interested in until I saw them in gorgeous, interactive graphics. It all makes for very compelling reading/watching.” – Stakeholder Relations Advisor, Canadian Securities Transition Office

Inside of a spread from another annual report, showing a flow-chart of the process for a complaint that goes through OBSI.
All the provinces are illustrated with text for how many cases per province were opened.
Inside of a spread showing a basic text layout.

“OBSI should be proud of their innovative data visualization initiatives. We’re not aware of any other body doing this sort of thing, and there’s lots of meaty stuff in them.” – Kenmar Associates, Investor Education & Protection

Map graphic showing opened cases per province.
Complex and highly graphic infographic of complaint issues related to products.