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Ontario Science Centre

AstraZeneca Human Edge Exhibit

How far can humans push their limits? These hands-on displays helped find out.

Three different projects for Ontario Science Centre

The goal: To design three interactive experiences, complex interfaces and integrate them seamlessly into the overall exhibit design. Challenge accepted.

Banting & Best’s Laboratory: An animated experience of how insulin was discovered.

Woman points at item to activate the screen interactive game.
Hand using pointer wand device to point. Interactive screen shows Banting and Best with a question, telling the user to point with the device to the correct item.
Illustrations of some of the instruments Banting and Best used.
More illustrations of some of the instruments Banting and Best used.

Design a Competitor: A race that put lifestyle and genes to the test to see how they impact performance.

Futuristic game rendering of a red person slouching on the ground. Woman sees a man running on screen and peddles a device.
Some interactive choices for the game
Foot peddling on a device explaining how to use the device

Balloon Analogue Risk Task: How much air will you pump before the balloon bursts?

Title screen with balloons on it
Large ballon with the option to inflate it or leave
Woman clicks the screen to inflate the balloon