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Working with the Ontario Trails Council (OTC), Context Creative amplified the vision for the OTC’s regular annual meeting and launched Trailhead Ontario, the province’s first annual trails conference. This 4-day conference was able to attract international speakers, many subject matter experts and a government minister to deliver the opening remarks.

Trailhead Ontario is a distinctive brand that encompasses both a visual identity and experiential element. The brand identifies with both the audience’s passion for trail recreation and their professional status.

The “TO” logo is comprised of illustrations depicting popular trail activities, while the use of blue, green and earth tones reflects nature and the outdoors. The website was also designed to reflect the corporate nature of the event, to differentiate it from leisure or general interest gatherings.

Project Scope

  • Define scope of conference and develop the brand
  • Bring decision-makers together to explore job and tourism growth opportunities through trail development, infrastructure improvements and trail creation
  • Create lasting industry partnerships
  • Manage event and coordinate volunteers
  • Create intuitive site architecture and navigation for event website, including integration of online scheduling, registration and payment
  • Integrate email campaigns and social media tools to promote the conference and stay connected with participants


Acknowledging the significant achievements of Trailhead Ontario, Honourable Margarett Best, the Minister of Health Promotion, offered her endorsement by kicking off the conference. The event was an unprecedented success, featuring 50 speakers from around the world and over 150 trails professionals in attendance. The conference sold out to capacity for all four days. This has laid the foundation for an annual conference.

Leading up to the event, the Trailhead Ontario website was viewed by as many as 1,000 unique visitors each month and the e-newsletter had a mailing list of over 1,500 addresses.

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