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Toronto Hydro® introduced the peaksaver program to help lower the peak demand for power in the city. Supplying power during peak times is substantially more expensive and often requires power from less desirable generation sources. Under this program, a device controls residential air conditioners to cycle their power supplies at critical times to save energy. The challenge was to enrol customers by offering them a onetime incentive to allow Toronto Hydro® to install the peaksaver device and control the air conditioner as needed thereafter.

Toronto Hydro® Peaksaver incentive program website


Toronto Hydro® customers were reached through a series of direct mail and email campaigns and information on the website. In addition to an incentive that ranged from $50 to $75, the messages appealed to customers’ sense of altruism, asking them to help the environment.


Since the peaksaver devices must be installed on location by work crews, scheduling is a key consideration. Our goal is to keep the pipeline full, but at such a rate that waiting times are reasonable, given that incentives aren’t delivered until installation takes place. For the past two years, we have consistently kept the installers busy. Today, there are over 50,000 peaksaver installations in Toronto.

Context Creative has been creating our direct mail and email campaigns for peaksaver for the past few years. They have been very successful at engaging our customers and have helped Toronto Hydro® meet and exceed our targets for energy conservation for this program.

– Marina Tomasone, Marketing and Communications, Toronto Hydro®