Toronto Hydro®—Residential Conservation Program

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This 24-page booklet gives Toronto Hydro residential customers a handy reference guide for a range of cost-saving programs, together with services to help them manage their account. The DIY aesthetic was expressed in a crafted approach to typography and imagery such as felt and paper cutouts, stitched badges and illustrations.

Project Scope

This booklet offers a fresh editorial approach, modeled on lifestyle publications. It includes interviews, coupons, savings programs, checklists, a contest, recipes and safety and outage information. We handled all aspects from concepts, writing, photography through to production, printing and distribution.


Toronto Hydro measured the effectiveness of this piece by eight metrics. All met or exceeded their targets. In addition, the booklet was mentioned by Maclean’s magazine as an example of design trends and received a number of favorable mentions in social media.

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