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More than 1.85 million people in Ontario have a disability. As our population ages, this number is growing. RGD Ontario is helping to lead the way to a more accessible province for everyone by developing guidelines and tools to achieve accessibility in every graphic design project. To educate and empower the design community, Context worked with the RGD to develop resources including a website, handbook and collateral for a conference on accessible design.

Accessibility Website on an iPad and iPhone
The RGD Accessibility Home and Accessibility pages on an iPad and iPhone

Project Scope

  • Create a direct mail postcard advertising the conference
  • Following all accessibility guidelines, we created a fully functioning site on WordPress
  • The site is completely accessible, following all web standards
  • Develop a 28 page handbook to be used as a practical reference guide for designers


The RGD has strengthened its position as a leader in accessibility for online communications. It is now working with numerous corporations and is being contacted by similar organizations both within Canada and internationally.

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