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We created a muse to attract the literati to a good cause

Random House Canada wanted to launch a new literary weekend festival to include both author readings and panel discussions. We were charged with developing a central thematic image to be used on posters, on the web, in email, in print ads, for on-site banners and signage and as a basis for an animated TV commercial.

Open House on phone

The lady in red

We created a highly distinctive and memorable representation of the creative muse – beautiful, smart, mysterious, a modern-day siren. These distinctive images worked for all media and helped sell out the house every year.

“At Random House of Canada Limited we were fortunate to work with Context Creative in developing the creative for the Open House Festival. The intention of the festival was to bring together readers for a weekend of readings and onstage conversations. The team at Context Creative captured the spirit of the festival perfectly, creating a place of imagination where books reign supreme.”

– Scott Sellers, Vice President, Director of Marketing Strategy, Random House of Canada Limited

Campaign Results

The festival has sold out every year with all proceeds to Pen Canada, Frontier College and the Toronto Public Library Foundation

Open House Festival Poster
Open House Festival Poster
Open House Festival Poster