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How far can humans push their limits? This is a question explored by the Ontario Science Centre in their new permanent exhibition, The AstraZeneca Human Edge Exhibit. Context developed three hands-on experiences for visitors to the show, each display showcasing cutting-edge research about the limits of the human body in as engaging a way as possible.

The Challenge

Our goal was to create three interactive experiences that are uniquely compelling while also integrating seamlessly within the overall exhibit design. The three interfaces must be engaging enough to appeal to visitors of all backgrounds and ages.


The exhibition officially opened to the public on December 7, 2013 with generous media coverage and a positive public reception.

Project Scope: Three Interactive Exhibits

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Banting & Best’s Laboratory

An animation detailing the discovery of insulin and the instruments and tools used throughout the process.


Balloon Analyzer Risk Test (BART)

An easy-to-use interface designed to assess one’s risk level. Visitors pump balloons until they burst, collecting points along the way.



Visitors create a player based on lifestyle and genes and race them to see the impact each has on performance.

Design a Player - 01 Design a Player - 02