Ombudsman—2012 Annual Report

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The OBSI was founded in 1996 as Canada’s national independent dispute resolution service for consumers or small businesses that have complaints they can’t resolve with their financial services firm.

By nature, this is an information-driven organization and our challenge was to create a highly readable Annual Report that would be formatted for digital consumption. Only a very limited number of copies were printed and wire-o bound to satisfy requests.

OBSI Annual Report
Project Scope

  • The design of this 84-page document is horizontal in orientation to best accommodate monitor proportions. The font choices were deliberately conservative and selected for maximum on-screen legibility. Charts and graphics were simple and bold, highlighting the use of the corporate colours.
  • Like many annuals, the goal was to present a business-like, responsible image that created an enjoyable experience and reinforced the credibility of the organization.


The annual makes its points with quiet authority. In fact, it received this review in one of Canada’s national papers, “…the ombudsman said in its 2011 annual report, which reads more like a spirited defence than a dry reporting of statistics.”

– Financial Post, February 24, 2012