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Are you ready for full frontal Idea Sex?

If you’ve been around Moses Znaimer, you’ll know he has a big interest in exploring human relationships and our attraction to one another. So, when the notion of “Idea Sex” presented itself as the theme for the 2011 ideaCity conference book, it was an instant winner.

But it’s far from gratuitous. Idea Sex comes from author Matt Ridley’s quote, “The rate of cultural and economic progress depends on the rate at which ideas are having sex.” It’s a natural theme for an ideaCity conference book.

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By design, the book presents a balance of creativity and practicality. It must serve as a guide and journal throughout the conference, be an interesting read and then afterwards, a treasured keepsake.

To illustrate the theme, we were fortunate to get permission from London-based artist Noma Bar to use his provocative negative space illustrations throughout.

Project Scope

  • Overall concept development
  • Design, layout and production management
  • Photo editing and re-touching