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ideaCity is an annual conference held in Toronto each June. It draws together fascinating and provocative thinkers from all walks of life. For the past four years, we have created the conference guidebook. Our challenge is to create a comprehensive guide that leads attendees effortlessly through the agenda. The book includes detailed schedules, maps, and information on presenters. The format also accommodates participants’ notes. Our greatest challenge is to outdo ourselves year after year.


This year was was ideaCity’s 10th anniversary and founder Moses Znaimer asked for something special to commemorate the occasion. We built the book around the number 10 and specifically the Roman number X. It started on the chrome covers with the Aislin cartoon of Moses and the 10 ideas, the Hubble space shots on divider pages (x represents the unknown), to the x-pattern on the speakers’ photos, through to the various definitions of X on the fly leafs throughout the book. Physically, the book retains the wire-o bind format along with the proportions that have proven to be practical for the attendees and gives us appropriate space for photography and biographies.


The book was favourably received by attendees, providing the right balance of intrique, entertainment and usefulness. And in words spoken by our client, Moses Znaimer from the stage, this was the best ideaCity book yet.

The whole ideaCity team is very happy with this year’s conference book. It’s a real keeper. Every year the book is produced under incredible deadline pressure with lots of last minute changes, but once again Context pulled it off. We’re looking forward to working together again next year. After we have a little rest…

– Allison Munro
Project Manager, Supreme Organizer

Project Team

Creative Director: Lionel Gadoury
Designer: Rasna Jaswal
Project Managers: Nav Kaur
Production and Printing: Moveable Inc.