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So, how old do you feel?

It’s our third year for the ideaCity Conference Guide. Moses Znaimer, as usual had a number of areas he wanted to explore over the 3 days, but a key focus was aging and longevity. After all, we’re not getting any younger. Yet.

What does it mean today to be “old”? Will the average baby born in 2008 really live to be over 100? How many body parts can you replace and still be called human? When will robots take over? Have they already?

Many of these puzzles were solved. Some were left hanging in mid-air and others left us scratching our heads and wondering.

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We wanted a little shock treatment, a slight provocation. Hence the cover, printed on a highly tactile paper that feels like flesh. Inside, we obtained the rights to use a selection of Spencer Tunick photos for our divider pages.


Simply, the idea behind the book was to get you to think – whether pensive reflections on mortality, or chuckles and titters on the thought of standing naked in the stalls at La Scala. In any case, this was a book to be remembered.

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While the content of the book was designed to solicit a reaction, the format was all about practicality and functionality. The main focus of course was on the speakers. Tear out sheets to be pinned to “The Great Wall of Ideas” were also provided. And all of the requirements for directions, sponsor recognition and other necessities were handled with grace.

Project Team

Creative Director: Lionel Gadoury
Designer: Dave Hurds, Tang Luu
Project Managers: Tara Kelly, Cate Jevons
Production and Printing: Moveable Inc.