Hydro One—peaksaver PLUS™ 2012 campaign

Hydro One peaksaver PLUS™ 2012 campaign header

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The objective of the peaksaver PLUS™ program with Hydro One is to obtain customers’ permission so that on hot summer days, when electricity usage in Ontario peaks, a signal can be sent to slightly reduce the central air conditioner’s electricity demand. The incentive was a programmable thermostat with free installation.

Hydro One Peaksaver Plus 2012 Campaign
Hydro One Peaksaver Plus 2012 Campaign


  • The peaksaver program has been in market a number of years
  •  The audience is limited to residences with central air and the potential number of customers shrinks as people sign up
  • While the program seems simple, the details can be difficult to explain
  • For many people, their use of electricity is a low-interest category

Overall Project Solution

  • The primary media in 2012 is direct mail and bill inserts
  • Hydro One branding and saveONenergy elements reinforce trust
  • Our first task is to engage attention with appealing, thematic imagery for each successive wave of the campaign
  • Messaging is honed to be concise and speaks to audience motivations

The impact of customer data analysis and segmentation

Starting in June 2012, Environics research data and customer segmentation insights were shared with Context Creative, enabling us to uniquely tailor marketing messages and tactics. Insights led to more focussed themes, first applied to buckslip bill inserts sent to customers beginning on July 1st, then to a segmented layered direct mail and e-blast campaign beginning July 9.


Despite the program’s longevity, and the steadily diminishing number of potential participants, the 2012 campaign is generating enrollments that are exceeding targets.

The layered, non-segmented campaign provided a 123% gain in enrollments over bill inserts alone.

Once a layered segmented campaign, with creative targeted to customer segmentation analysis, resulted in a 230% gain over the non-segmented layered campaign; a 412% increase over the baseline performance of bill inserts only.

Hydro One Peaksaver Plus 2012 Campaign

Segmentation Insights

Customer segment 1 characteristics:

  1. Need for escape (effortless)
  2. Time stress
  3. Hyper-rationality
  4. Legacy

Customer segment 2 characteristics:

  1. Attraction to nature
  2. Regional identity
  3. Aversion to complexity
  4. Utilitarian consumerism
"Hydro Hydro One Peaksaver Plus 2012 Campaign