Toronto Hydro®—Going Green Together

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Toronto Hydro® Day

Every year Toronto Hydro® takes over Yonge Dundas Square for a day to invite the public to learn more about initiatives offered by Toronto Hydro® and their partners.

The challenge is to tie together a dozen individual tents, a number of vehicles and a stage to make the square inviting for passersby to stop, enter and get involved. Our goal was to create a unified focus so that people would know intuitively how to interact with the space and the exhibits.

Going Green

Project Scope

  • To create a defined layout using turf so there was an obvious path to follow into the space.
  • To create unified branding for each of the tents so that people could see at a glance that this is a Toronto Hydro® event. The challenge was to do this with rented tents that we couldn’t apply graphics to directly.


The event was well-attended and received significant media coverage. Customers were able to learn about Toronto Hydro® conservation programs and take advantage of specific incentive offers.