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Global site built on local budget

EconomicDevelopment.Org is a hub of economic development news and resources from around the world. As a community of experts, professionals and members of the public, the site seeks to prompt conversations about issues and ideas surrounding economic development and its impact on people and places around the globe.

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This initiative grew out of a commitment by Millier Dickinson Blais, a Canadian economic development consulting firm, to contribute to the growth of the profession by creating a neutral meeting place where all could contribute, participate and stay up to date.

Built on WordPress, it employs a sophisticated use of RSS feeds to continually update the content of 9 distinct sections, drawing from leading online publications around the world. It also allows for manual content contributions from various publishers.

Fully Featured

This site includes:

  • Integration with a full suite of social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+
  • Polls and surveys
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Editor’s Choice / Most Discussed sections
  • Commenting