RGD—Design at Work: Beyond Beautiful

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Categories: RGD/Branding & Identity/Public Service & Not-for-Profit

For the annual RGD Design at Work show, the RGD has multiple goals: attract entries from the best work done by RGD designers, promote the importance and value of design, attract attendees to the main Toronto conference and attract visitors to the travelling design exhibition.


Working with the red, white and black RGD brand colours, we established the “Beyond Beautiful” theme to reinforce the idea that design makes a critical difference in both the success of the communications and of the products and services themselves.

The entry form burst the type beyond the borders on the front, while providing key information on the back. The book kept the simplified colour palette so that the entries themselves could shine.

Exhibition graphics continued the theme of bold red and black oversized type to keep the scale from interfering with the actual entries on display.

Results? The competition attracted 156 entries and the exhibition had successful shows in Toronto, Kitchener and Ottawa.