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We help promote ethics in business

Context Creative is pleased to work with The Canadian Centre for Ethics on a pro bono basis to promote ethical behaviour in business. Given newspaper headlines over the past years, there’s plenty of work to be done!

The Canadian Centre for Ethics is supported by organizations who share a commitment to ethics in the decision making process of business and other organizations.

For the centre, we redesigned and continue to produce their quarterly newsletter, and redesigned and reconfigured their website. Currently the goal is to make the transition from printed materials to digital communications, while keeping members engaged and seeking the support of new members.

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This project includes:

  • Redesign and ongoing production of newsletter
  • Sourcing images
  • Redesign of website and working with developers to integrate into content management system (CMS)

Drives readership and involvement

The new design for the newsletter was very well received by the membership. The clean layout, primarily black and white with strategic hits of their corporate red, makes for a brisk read. Similarly, the website presents a crisp, friendly image. It’s built on an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that allows easy updating and gives clear priority to the most important information.

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