Canada Post—Canadian Pride Definitive Stamp Series

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Flying the flag for Canada Post

On a regular basis, Canada Post issues a set of “definitive” stamps for everyday postage. For 2011, the theme was Canadian Pride as exemplified by the presence of our flag. The challenge was to present the flag in fresh ways to remind us of where we see it in our daily lives, sometimes where we expect it, and other times in locations that surprise us.

Canada Post Stamps


The images were chosen to present the flag in five representative contexts: a patch on the jacket of a Canadian in Europe, a hot-air balloon over our great country, a foreign aid mission, in space on the Canada Arm and on the shoulder of a member of the Canadian Coast Guard. Each image is shown through the focus of a stylized “O”, so that subtly, you read “O Canada”.

Project Scope

  • Overall concept development of stamps, booklet, first day cover and first day cancellation mark
  • Design, layout and production management
  • Photography sourcing, photo editing and re-touching
Canada arm stamp