Toronto Hydro®—Business Incentive Program

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Toronto Hydro® wants to encourage business owners to make electricity saving renovations on their buildings. BIP pays incentives for “locked-in” electricity savings.

Context knew that it wasn’t enough to reach to owners, but also to reach out to those who had a big influence in any renovation project – the architects, designers, engineers and contractors. They were the ones who specified the exact equipment that could cut down electricity use.

Toronto Hydro - Business Incentive Programs

Project Scope

  • 6-page insert featuring high-profile architects, designers, engineers and contractors
  • Significant Web module to incorporate into the Toronto Hydro® site
  • Advertising banner campaign information sheets, and direct mail inserts
  • 10 video interviews for the Web site and trade shows
  • Complete trade show booth with BIP-specific graphics
  • Series of editorial articles for trade magazines
  • Unique logo for the campaign


In its early stages, the campaign achieved 10% of its overall goal.